Raffle Machine (6+)

Raffle Machine (6+)
Raffle Machine (6+)
Brand: KeyGlory
Product Code: Random Large
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Price: A$ 415
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Larger 2.3" (58mm) audience displays.
Raffle: Any start and finish numbers between 0 & 999999. 
Automatic non-repeat of 500 winning numbers.
Tote: Any start and finish numbers between 0 & 99.
Tote: Select duplicate, or no duplicate numbers. 
Numbers can be generated at six different selectable speeds.
Designed and built in the U.K.

In the above demo we set the machine with the 'Start Number' (LO) set at 100 and the 'Finish Number' (HI) at 500. As you can see it picks a number between 100-500 on every press of the 'select' button without repeat. The number selection spin has 1-5 speed settings and instant selection. It's set on 3 in this video.
Dimensions: (H/W/D): 120mm. / 330mm. / 110mm.
Display sizes: 58 mm.
Weight: 1.16 kg. 
Power Supply: 9V 550mA. d.c. Regulated.
The correct power supply for your country is also included.


Can Be Used On Batteries No
Audience Display Size 2'3 (58mm)

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